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Three Essentials in Feedback-Informed Treatment With People Who Have Sexually Abused

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CE Credits: 1.5 Credits
Length: 1.5 Hours
Level: Introductory
Training Style: Video
Category: GIFR Membership Exclusive
Intended Audience: Mental Health, Correctional, and Legal Professionals

Training Description
Decades of psychotherapy research has found that participation and accomplishment in treatment can be improved through careful attention to the therapeutic alliance. However, it is the client’s experience of the alliance (not the clinician’s) that is most predictive of outcome. Unfortunately, most clinicians (including sexual offender treatment providers) believe themselves to be more helpful than their clients do, and commonly do not recognize when their clients’ progress is in jeopardy. Research has found that as many as 1 of 5 clients actually experience worsening of symptoms, and that therapists are rarely able to identify them properly.
This 1.5 hour workshop describes Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT; Bertolino, Bargmann, & Miller, 2011), a pan-theoritical approach for evaluating and improving the quality and effectiveness of behavioral health services. In keeping with the conference theme, it is a newly created model of change that focuses on therapeutic processes rather than techniques. FIT is consistent with and operationalizes the American Psychological Association’s definition of evidence-based practice and is recognized as such by NREPP. FIT includes structured methods for monitoring and discussing clinical progress in four areas, as well as agreement on goals, tasks, and the current status of the therapeutic relationship. Using these methods can reduce therapist variability and assist clinicians in tailoring treatment to meet the client’s needs. Case examples from the treatment of people who have sexually abused are provided.
Trainer Biography
David Prescott is the Clinical Services Development Director for the Becket Family of Services. He also provides consultation to agencies around the world. Mr. Prescott has produced 17 book projects and numerous articles and chapters in the areas of assessing and treating sexual violence and trauma. His book on Feedback-Informed Treatment reached #1 at Amazon’s list of new releases in psychotherapy.
Mr. Prescott is a current Fellow and past president of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, the largest professional organization of its kind in the world. He is also the 2014 recipient of that organization’s Distinguished Contribution award, one of only a handful of recipients. Previously, he received the Bright Lights award from the National Adolescent Perpetration Network in 2007; he has since become a member of that organization’s Board of Elders. Mr. Prescott is a Senior Associate and Certified Trainer for the International Center for Clinical Excellence and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. He is also a Consultant, Supervisor, and Invited Trainer for the Romanian Association for Brief Therapies and Strength-Based Solution Focused Consultancy.
Mr. Prescott has lectured around the world, including most recently in Australia, Japan, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Norway, Namibia, Canada, and the U.K. He also serves on the editorial boards of three scholarly journals, Motivational Interviewing: Training, Research, Implementation, and Practice, the Journal of Sexual Aggression, and Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment. Mr. Prescott is also co-editor of the NEARI News, which is read by thousands of professionals each month.
Learning Objectives
This training is designed to help you:
  • Participants will learn about a brief measure of client well-being (the Outcome Rating Scale)
  • Participants will learn about a brief measure of the working alliance (the Session Rating Scale)
  • Audience will learn about recent research into Deliberate Practice as a means of self-improvement
  • Participants will review “what works” in correctional treatment

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